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About Us

Corralls Coal has been delivering high quality fuels to homeowners and businesses since 1843. 

Our product range includes:

  • UK mined house coals
  • Well known smokeless coals such as Homefire, Phurnacite and Taybrite, which are authorised for use in smokeless zones
  • Highest quality Black Diamond Anthracite from Wales
  • Ready to burn Kiln Dried Firewood
  • Eco-Friendlier fuels such as Olive Briquettes and Heat Logs
  • Composts, Manure and Lawn care products
  • BBQ Charcoal

We pride ourselves on our home delivery service.  It hasn't changed much since 1843.  Whilst the horse and cart may have gone, the service still involves our delivery driver carrying coal or firewood on his back down your garden path to tip it into your coal bunker or store.  Its this personal service that sets us apart from our competitors and why we have loyal customers who have been buying from Corralls Coal for up to 35 years. 

Corralls Coal operate from 10 depots, delivering to the local area around each depot (please see the delivery map on the home page).  If you are unlucky enough to not be served by a Corralls depot, don't despair.  We would recommend our national partner - CPL Distribution.